Saints Row 2 Condemned by NY Police Unions

With Volition's Saints Row 2 (PC, 360, PS3) hitting shelves today for console editions, it took virtually no time for the game to get condemned by the boys in blue--in particular, the police unions of New York City.

"New York's powerful police unions say that a violent new video game called 'Saints Row 2 is an abomination," reports WPEC in New York, which was spotted by Kotaku. "In the game, the player controls a gang member who can steal, do drugs and kill as many characters as possible, including police officers."


Union representatives were standing behind Manhattan District Attorney candidate Leslie Crocker-Snyder as she spoke in condemnation of the game yesterday, the game's official release date.

While marking the game's first post-release controversy, it's hardly the first for the open-world mayhem sim. Just a week ago, the game raised eyebrows for including a streaking feature.