Blizzard's New MMO Could Hit Consoles

It looks like Diablo 3 isn't the only potential console game that acclaimed World of Warcraft creator and PC developer Blizzard is considering for the future.

While the company has remained extremely quiet regarding its "unannounced next-gen MMO," World of Warcraft director Jeffrey Kaplan has hinted that the new project, which won't be officially unveiled for "a while," may end up on consoles.

"I don't think World of Warcraft would really work that well on the console, but that's not to say that other MMOs couldn't," Kaplain told MTV Multiplayer. "We have a pretty savvy group of console developers."

"A lot of the guys we inherited from [StarCraft Ghost developer] Swingin' Ape really know what they're doing on next-gen consoles," he continued. "So we might have a few tricks up our sleeves in that regard."