Spore Gets Space Stage Expansion Next Year, Creepy & Cute This November

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 13, 2008 6:19am PDT

Electronic Arts today announced that a Space stage expansion pack is in development for Spore, with a release expected next spring.

The expansion will allow players to beam down their creatures from their spaceships, exploring new planets and going on missions. A new Adventure Creator will allow for the creation of custom missions, which can be shared online.

The company also confirmed earlier retailer listings, officially announcing the Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack. In stores worldwide November 18, the Creepy & Cute pack will include 100 new components for creating creatures.

These components will be themed in two styles: charming / cartoony and scary / monster-like.

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  • Why would you build an expansion onto one of the worst parts of the game? Spore's space stage plays like a horrible version of Star Control mismatched with some Master of Orion. It's the most jumbled, poorly-explained, and convoluted portion of the game. The learning curve for that stage alone is longer than the duration of all other stages combined.

    They should be building expansions for the cell and creature stages. Why would they waste their time with this? Putting a ribbon on top of a pile of crap doesn't make it stink any less. The Space stage needs a fundamental re-design before you can 'expand' on it in any fun way.