StarCraft 2 Now A Trilogy, Three Campaigns to Be Split Into Separate Games

By Nick Breckon, Oct 10, 2008 3:40pm PDT Blizzard today announced that StarCraft II will be released as a trilogy of separate games, each concentrating on one of the universe's three factions.

The first game in the trilogy will consist of the Terran campaign, and is set to be titled "Terrans: Wings of Liberty."

The second Zerg-focused title will be "Zerg: Heart of the Swarm," with the third game being "Protoss: Legacy of the Void."

"[The second and third games] will be like expansion packs, but we really want them to feel like standalone products," said Blizzard's Rob Pardo.

Each campaign will be very different, with Pardo announcing the Zerg campaign will contain RPG elements. The Protoss campaign will likewise be differentiated by elements of diplomacy. In addition, the Terran campaign will feature a Protoss mini-campaign.

The campaigns are planned as concentrated, epic storylines, with enough content to justify a full release. As a result, the games will now feature more in-game cinematics and story content.

Blizzard added that the plans for the multiplayer component are unchanged by the splitting of the campaigns. However, some units will now be unique to the campaigns and will not be playable in multiplayer.

Pardo noted that the decision was necessary to maintain the quality of the product, the alternatives either being a long delay of the game, or a scaling back of the campaigns.

More details may become available during BlizzCon, which continues through this weekend.

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  • Ok really.

    The first expansion was 3 campaigns of 10 missions each. That's 30 missions in the first game.
    The expansion was either that big or smaller.

    So now they are suggesting that they basically make the game + 2 expansions and everyone is shitting bricks.

    It has been 10 years since Starcraft one, how the hell is nobody impressed at how little they've expanded their marketing strategy?

    I mean shit they are only on to their second expansion of wow. How many other MMO's end up having a half dozen expansions in as many years. Considering you'll have the full multiplayer experience out of the box on day one I don't see where all this whiny attitude is coming from.

    Go play SPORE and tell me about stripping a game for profit. At least SCII will be enjoyable and playable.

  • More interestingly, by doing this, how do they introduce new players -- and to some extent, all of us will be that, whether or not we've had experience with the first game -- to each race?

    In Starcraft 1, the three campaigns served as a means of learning how each race's units and what not worked, but here we'll just be thrown in there and have to figure out as we go along? Sure, that'll work, but somehow I figure it will feel less complete as an experience. I mean, we'll obviously see Zerg's new units in multiplayer, but we'll know nothing about them. What are they fighting for? How did these new units come to be, et cetera?

  • This is actually great news for PC Gaming. Blizzard, as has been proven time and time again, only release fully fledged products that have always been money well worth spent. I trust them to release each game with more then enough content, in fact, now we'll probably get MORE content. We'll also get the Terran Campaign most likely this year, and not have to wait until 2010. I'd expect Diablo 3 to come out in 2009 as well, and it should be a great year for Blizzards games.

    I don't know about most of you, but I see no problem at all in releasing the Zerg and Protoss campaigns as expansions with more content. Afterall, this is an EPIC franchise, and they are treating it that way, as evident by giving each race their own package. I can see if this was anther company that hasn't proven themselves, but this is Blizzard, and we all expect perfection from these guys, so give it to us.