New Xbox Experience Brings Marketplace to PC

The New Xbox Experience promises a lot of improvements to the Xbox 360 interface upon its November 19 arrival, but the best improvement may come courtesy a PC: users will be able to use their PCs to browse the Xbox Live Marketplace and make purchases remotely.

"Those sexy Gamerpics, movies and additional levels just sit there and mock you saying, 'I know you want me, but you'll have to wait to queue me up for the download,'" laments a post on Microsoft's official Gamerscore Blog. "Not anymore."


"Once the New Xbox Experience launches you will be able to browse Xbox LIVE Marketplace on your PC ... [and] you can add [something] to your queue and even purchase it right there and then," explains the post.

Text search will also be included, something which is currently absent from the increasingly large marketplace and is not expected in the New Xbox Experience.

"As soon as you get back home to your Xbox 360 and turn it on, the content will begin to download," the blog post adds.