Sony Boss Likes Xbox 360, DLC Exclusivity

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida showed up at this week's Tokyo Game Show and, typical of a Sony executive, had quite a few opinions on his company and his competitors.

Yoshida was generous in his praise toward rival Microsoft and the Xbox 360, saying that he would "really like to see both PS3 and 360 succeed [in Japan]" in an interview with Eurogamer. He added a compliment for the upcoming New Xbox Experience: "I think it's quite nice. I like the Avatar designs they're working on."


The New Xbox Experience: Sony-approved

"The new games coming out on 360 and PS3 help to get consumers more interested in this generation of gaming," Yoshida continued, intentionally leaving out Nintendo's Wii, which leads the Japanese console market.

The Sony studio head also sees a possible future in platform exclusivity, even in the wake of losing exclusivity on killer titles like Final Fantasy XIII in the West and Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC. "We anticipated this shift in third-party publishing economics," Yoshida explained. "We have invested in our first-party studios so we can produce more exclusive titles." Instead, he expects to "see more announcements about exclusive downloadable content."

In a bit of unused material from the Eurogamer interview, Yoshida confirmed that a Gran Turismo PSP--originally announced at the unveiling of the handheld--is still in the works. "It's in Polyphony Digital, they're working on it ... they've had to focus on finishing up Gran Turismo on the PS3 side," he said.