Piracy and Polish May Delay Bionic Commando PC; New Screenshots Celebrate TGS

By Chris Faylor, Oct 09, 2008 8:07am PDT New screenshots of GRIN's Bionic Commando (PC, PS3, 360) accompany today's Tokyo Game Show festivities, showing off more of the swinging-focused action game.

Bionic Commando is slated to hit by next spring, with the developer telling Kotaku that the console versions should be expected in "very early 2009."

Meanwhile, the PC version may arrive a bit later because of piracy and extra polish.

"The PC is always a slippery slope because of piracy, stuff like sorting out DRM, making sure we don't have too little or too much," explained GRIN employee Ulf Andersson.

"But also because we want to make sure it doesn't feel like a port, so we can add a little extra polish to the PC version," Andersson added.

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  • PC Gamers are refined, they are the gamers that have "Been there done that".
    If you can't wait for a later release or absolutely have to get the game first then just buy a console!

    How about you go work for free and see how well you do!
    Developers actually have to consider money decissions, this is their job, not yours. No sales, no pay!

    At least they are actually releasing games on the PC, especially when all the other so call "PC Exclusive" companies have abandoned the PC platform.

    Its up to the gamers support whether the PC will rise or fall as a good gaming platform.
    Things won't happen instantly but if the sales are good on the PC then slowly it will gain ground on consoles.
    If you don't think console games should come out on PC then it doesn't really affect you since you won't be getting it anyway.

    Having a later release also has its advantages, new content, lower price!
    Who knows, this may be a big test before the release of Resident Evil 5!