Nintendo DSi and DS Lite Compared

BOOM widget 119652 Nintendo posted a side-by-side comparison of its new DSi with its predecessor, the DS Lite, on its Japanese website.

While many changes to the hardware have been subtle, a slightly bigger pair of screens are immediately noticeable.

The DS Lite's light panel showing power and battery status has been moved to the left side of the console and has gained a third light to show the status of the handheld's newly emphasized Wi-Fi connection.

The speaker holes have been reduced to one large hole, possibly hiding revised audio hardware underneath. The power button has also been moved inside the folding device. The center hole, which once housed the microphone, has been enlarged to fit the inward camera for taking self-portraits. The DSi has also had a slight dimensional change, essentially getting shorter and fatter.

Not visible in this side-to-side image is the system's new SD card slot or the new outward camera, but those images are reproduced on Shacknews as well.

Progress comes with a price, and as such the system will lose its Game Boy Advance cartridge slot as well as a few hours of battery life. VE3D spotted that the official DSi specifications reduce the full brightness battery life of the DSi to 3-4 hours, whereas the DS Lite ran on full brightness for 5-8 hours.