Nintendo Addresses Wii's 'Insufficient Memory'

By Chris Faylor, Oct 02, 2008 8:16am PDT With the Wii's ever-growing emphasis on downloadable games and in-game content, console maker Nintendo has revealed that Wii owners will be able to download games directly to an inserted SD memory card beginning next spring.

"We have to address the console's insufficient memory storage," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said during a press conference last night, reports Kotaku.

Though Wii users have been able to transfer content to and from an SD card since the system launched, they have been unable to directly download games to the card, with titles needing to be stored within the 512MB of internal system memory to run.

It is assumed that games will be playable directly from the SD card, as there would be little sense in downloading a game if it was not immediately playable. Vicarious Visions' Wii edition of Guitar Hero World Tour, due October 26, will let users play downloaded songs from an SD card by automatically copying the content to internal memory.

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  • I don't think we can assume that games downloaded to the SD card can be played directly from the SD card. I hope that is the case, but there may be anti-piracy reasons why they won't want to allow games to be played off SD cards.

    If Nintendo doesn't announce High Capacity SD Card support and the ability to play games directly from SD cards, I'm not interested in WiiWare & VC titles. I'll stay with the PSN and XBLA where I don't have to juggle media to play what I want. I'm sorry but Nintendo seems to think its still the 80s and juggling floppy discs is cool.