Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PC Demo Released

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 29, 2008 12:39pm PDT

A demo is now available for the PC version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, the action RPG from Ascaron Entertainment.The 1.71GB download includes several quests, one of the game's six player characters, and the game's High Elf region.

Sacred 2: Fall Angel will be released this November for the PC, with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ports following in 2009.

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  • Here is a run down of the game and the features in Sacred 2:

    This is rough from what I have played in the demo I never was in the beta, I have tried to add screen shots of all the stuff I have mentioned that I could. ** The game has a huge depth to it and there is allot to say I will do my best **

    * screen shots that tell allot *

    - Regular mounts
    - Class specific mounts
    - Armor for mounts
    - Mounts have spells
    - Other gear for mounts
    - 3 spells tiers
    - spells level, gather the same spell rune and level it up
    - six classes all unique
    - four of the six chars have two different variations Light or Dark campaign
    - Light and Dark campaign provides totally different spells and char features etc
    - God abilities / spells like ober spells that level
    - insanely hot armor best I have seen in any RPG
    - insanely hot weapons best I have seen in any RPG
    - resistance and modifier combos, allow up to four sets made up by your self which can help in different situations
    - buffs are included in your spells and can be quick linked in UI
    - combos, use spell combinations to create combos that can cause awesome effects
    - all spells and buffs can be augmented and the augments can be leveled. There are 6 augments per spell or buff.
    - Level 6 main core specs like strength etc, can level
    - can have 10 special abilities, can level
    - total of 30 special abilities to level and only choose 10 of them
    - Blacksmithing aka crafting
    - Alchemy aka crafting
    - 12 armor slots for your char
    - Multi grade an color weapons and armor more than wow colors
    - Armor and weapon sets
    - Nice quest and map system
    - Unlocking and rewards system for doing certain things aka WAR not sure how this works just ran into it in the demo.
    - Find books not sure if they are just lore or grant abilities
    - Nice UI interface for NPC's
    - Armor and weapons can have sockets which can gain bonuses and abilities
    - All weapons and armor can be reformed to be better aka Hellgate upgrade current gear for a price.
    - Weather effects
    - Day night cycle really cool
    - Insane lighting
    - State of the art graphics engine has everything
    - State of the art sound system EAX 5.0, killer sound