New Xbox 360 Dashboard Detailed in New Video

By Chris Faylor, Sep 27, 2008 2:18pm PDT As Microsoft prepares to revise the look and feel of the Xbox 360's interface with the coming fall update--which adds game installs, Netflix streaming, customizable Avatars and more--the company has released a video examining some of the changes.

While an exact date have yet to be revealed for the fall update, ads in the Xbox Live Marketplace have suggested that it will arrive in November.

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  • hmmm were does a veteran like me begin. first of before you go screaming ps3 fanboy just let me say i have a pos wii, xbox 360, and ps3. so i cant help but to wonder what has inspired this change. let me think ......wii has the gay looking avatar
    ps3 will revolutionize games with the home project
    so if im working on the next "new thing" at xbox what am i to do........."be original" not really
    you wanna know what i do

    recipe: a hint of wii, and a dash of ps3 (party mode, porting to games, installing games) ah there we have it xbox has revolutionized gaming again. way to go following in the fathers (bill gates) foot steps.
    why be original when you can just steel everbodies ideas. clap clap clap

    dont hate ill be playing gears later.