Crysis Warhead SDK On the Way

When Crysis Warhead released on September 16, it lacked the SDK--the tools needed to make modifications or new levels for Crytek's PC first-person shooter semi-sequel. That issue will soon be rectified, Crytek has announced.

"As most of you will already be aware we have not included our Sandbox Editor or MOD SDK with the disc for Crysis Warhead or Crysis Wars," reads a post from Crytek community manager "Eddy" on the Crymod forums.


"We wanted to make sure that people received the best game play experience in both single and multiplayer, so as such we decided to focus all of our energy and attention in that direction originally," added Eddy.

"We are now working on the Editor and SDK solution for Warhead," continues the post. "We are definitely aware that the community is eager to get this software, and we will provide it as soon as it is complete and available."

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