Grand Theft Auto DS Sports Drug Dealing Mini Game

The forthcoming Nintendo DS debut of Rockstar's oft-controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise will allow players to sell a variety of real-life drugs for in-game profit, according to a CVG report citing the latest issue of print magazine Edge.

When Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars arrives before February 2009, Nintendo DS owners will be able to traffic six types of drugs--heroin, cocaine, weed, ecstasy, acid and downers--to their in-game counterparts as supply and demands shapes the market.

"We wanted to have a drug-dealing mini game in lots of the GTA games," Rockstar creative VP Dan Houser explained. "We played with it a little in Vice City Stories, because it worked really well juxtaposed with the main story."

"Nintendo wanted us to make GTA...they didn't want us to make a GTA for kids," Houser added in a separate report on Edge Online. "[Grand Theft Auto] can't be softened to make it family-friendly--that's not the game we're making. We've never not done well by sticking to our guns."