Valve Denies Google Buyout Rumors

Update: Valve has issued a series of succinct responses that deny a Google buyout.

"Rumor," Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi told Shacknews, while clarifying to MTV Multiplayer that the entire affair is a "complete fabrication."

Original Story: "Well placed sources" reportedly tell UK tabloid The Inquirer that software giant Google is primed to buy independent developer and Half-Life series creator Valve "any minute now."

If the dubious rumor is to be believed, Valve's PC digital distribution client Steam is a major factor in the acquisition, as many speculate that Google will further expand into content distribution and the gaming market.

"We do not comment on rumour and speculation," a Google representative told MCV. Valve has yet to provide an official response, as the rumor surfaced overnight.

Valve had previously said it was "happy to have that talk" should the company be approached with a buyout offer, though at the time, marketing VP Doug Lombardi stated that the studio was "doing pretty well" and was "really happy with what we're doing."

Faylor's Take: Anything is possible, I suppose, but I really don't see this happening.

Plus, as Blue's News points out, I don't exactly trust the "well placed sources" of a tabloid that specializes in speculation and sensationalism, not to mention one that rarely reports on games and is so far removed from the overall industry.