Destroy All Humans! and Intellivision Lives! Coming to XBLM

By Blake Ellison, Sep 12, 2008 11:54am PDT Next week sees the release of two exclamation-mark bearing games on the Xbox Live Marketplace under the Xbox Originals line: Destroy All Humans! and Intellivision Lives!.

Destroy All Humans!, originally a 2005 release from Pandemic, puts the player in control of an alien embarking on a solo conquest of the planet Earth. Influenced by sci-fi B-movies, the game offers weapons like the Quantum Deconstructor and the Zap-O-Matic.

Intellivision Lives!, developed by Real Time Associates, packs in over 60 games from the classic Mattel game console from the early 1980s. It also includes a virtual museum of original Intellivision commercials, historical facts, and interviews with the system's creators.

Microsoft's official Gamerscore Blog promises that both games will sell for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), in line with previous Xbox Originals releases. Both titles will be available for download on Monday, September 15.

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