Diablo 3 Color Controversy Revisited, See Diablo 3 Desaturated in Action

By Chris Faylor, Sep 11, 2008 3:38pm PDT Reigniting the "Diablo III is too colorful" controversy, DIII.Net and fan Sozou bring us a Diablo III gameplay trailer meant to show what Blizzard's anticipated PC RPG would look like, in motion, under a desaturated art style.

In Blizzard's previous judgments of darker fan renderings, Diablo III designer Jay Wilson stressed that desaturated color made it more difficult to identify on-screen objects and therefore reduced the ease of play. The author of the video below feels that he addresses these concerns while still giving the game a "darker" ambiance.

Wilson also noted that some other fan renderings sported effects that certainly looked pretty, but aren't possible in the current engine.

[videofeature]http://cdn.shacknews.com/public/videofeature/diablo3_saturation.flv[img]http://cdn.shacknews.com/public/images/videopreview/12902.jpg[/img][/videofeature] Steve's Take: At this point it is really just getting painful, but for all the nerds in a huff over this stuff, finally seeing the game in motion with these alleged color "improvements" was worth a look.

Diablo 2, which came out about a decade ago, actually has gamma and brightness controls within the video menus. So you can tell even back then Blizzard was dealing with color issues with the franchise. Probably more due to inconsistency in color reproduction of CRTs back then, but they were aware of it and addressed it. It really wouldn't be terribly surprising to see one or two other video options in Diablo 3.

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  • I registered just to say this. Only a few words right now, but I love the video. I am an avid Diablo series fan, and I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel about the general direction of the Diablo series, let alone the artistic part of it (which is only a small part). The storyline, the art, the gameplay, the characters, the skills.
    And for those of you that dont know (after reading many posts it seems obvious that many do not know this:) Blizzard Irvine and Blizzard North are NOT the same people. The real people that actually did real work on Diablo 1 and 2 are NOT the same people working on Diablo 3, hence the very great contrast in story and art in comparison to the first two. Check this link out for more info http://www.videogamer.com/news/diablo_3_what_bill_roper_thinks.html
    I could make an intelligent long winded post about how I feel on his board, but I doubt anybody with a noteworthy opinion would read it.... so one word about the art that "Blizzard" has taken upon itself to defend and employ in Diablo 3 from a real Diablo series fan: ew.

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    If u r unable to read this above , u my friend r a n00b to internet , & if u didn't heard that sentence before u r a n00b for our bellowed Diablo.

    Diablo had atmosphere and a some dark feeling , which made the Diablo what it was , a dark , bloody
    & creepy...

    This what the new Blizzard offers , is cartoon , a homosexual version of the original Diablo , respect to Chris Faylor for trying to show u , bunch of n00b's what he was hoping that Blizzard will do something about it .

    And for a couple of u idiots that think they know something about video ...

    yes , blizzard can fix this without tuning all of the textures. It includes shaders , post processing effects and volumetric lightning.

    And stop kissing blizzards ass u fucking fags , this is not the same blizzard that made Diablo so it needs tips...
    If anyone from Blizzard reeds this , keep in mind that some of this geeks who has no life r the only ones who bought all of your games , even if they could get them for free , via our precious torrent networks . They respected u and u try to give them this , this ugly clone of what used to be the best hack and slash ever?
    Listen to the hardcore veteran gamers , not to the ones who played 10 games in their life.And get them from hardcore gamers for their birthday.
    Many of the comments i we seen here tells me they didn't even played Diablo at the time it was released , or not at all.
    Yes t3h Diablo I & Diablo II ,have bad graphics , but when they was released their graphics was great , and they had the best atmosphere ever , ever.

    And all of u that loves cartoons , go post comments for the upcoming barbie title , tell them how they have nice graphics and art...
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  • This is my view: The point of the video is so show what diablo fans thought of a horror game (not a fantasy game like WoW). Though, I really do like the bright, crisp, contrast environment outside the dungeon. However, looking the at the alter video and the original, I believe the effects to be great in the dungeon but not in the outside environments. It does not make sense with a light radius if the environment is sunny (except at night).

    The video did show one important point and I don't know if u guys have realized it. Diablo is a horror game so a darkened surrounding (and thus a light radius) is would be very appropriate because you would want to explore UNEXPLORED areas! That's what makes is suspenseful. Monsters (may it be powerful or weak or how many there are) might be lurker and you'll potentially walk in a trap. That's what makes a game fun. What is the point of going into a dungeon where u know the locations of all the monsters, the loots, and etc? If everything is shown, that is so like WoW......

    My point is, a light radius is very important for the diablo DUNGEONS since the franchise is based on horror and suspense.. However, bright crisp contrast graphics, like the ones where they show the barbarian moves in the forest, is also very GOOD. It is appropriate in the daytime (though, they could adapt a toned/darkened effect at night with a light radius).

    Also, as many of you have commented, the video is showing it's own views. It does not say that Blizzard doesn't know how to create a game. So give the author of the video some peace. I absolutely respect the guy for spending his time altering the video.

  • Wow, I'm sorry but the fan video looks many times better than Blizzard's.

    You actually feel like you're in a dungeon. It's dark, it's creepy, and it's difficult to see your enemies until they attack. If Blizzard can't do the light radius because of 3D limitations, at least implement some way of blinding the player. Otherwise walking through a dungeon that's fully lit as though fluorescent lights were in the ceiling feels as immersive and authentic as a horror movie set in Disneyland.

    Now if only Blizzard stopped adopting WoW textures and models for Diablo 3...

  • What really bothers me is the seemingly nonstop flood of nerdrage attacks AGAINST anyone who dares voice their opinion on these colors (here's looking at you steve). While yes, the petition might be a bit "too much", it at least states the reasoning behind the opinions, which is a tad bit more than people simply saying "trust blizzard"; what, I'm not even allowed to have a differing view or opinion ... just because its Blizzard?

    Seriously, who here is actually saying "blizzard are obviously faggots for using green", or even "lets boycott blizzard", "I'm not going to buy D3 because of the gayness"? No one is saying anything negative. Its just constructive criticism.

    And I mean hey, the Sonic Team does wonders with Sonic, amirite?

  • The dungeons and environments artwork in Blizzard's World of Warcraft is far more enthralling than the already excellent stuff in Diablo 2 & Lord of Destruction, in my opinion. I love both, but the stuff in WoW is a step up from D2, mainly because it's so varied. Diablo 3 wouldn't be a further improvement if all the environments looked dark and desaturated like in the previous titles.

    I'm not saying all the environments in Diablo 3 ought to be as colorful as, say, Silvermoon, Nagrand, Maraudon, or Tempest Keep, but having everything set in badly-lit areas with only a few torches here and there, mostly in gray and brown tones, would be very monotonous.