Wii Shop Channel Update: Cho Aniki Brings Extreme Manliness

This week's Wii Shop Channel update bestows us with a puzzle game, a scrolling shooter, and Cho Aniki, the very, uh, manly side-scrolling shooter. Following what's becoming tradition, WiiWare gets one new title while the Virtual Console gets two.
    • Groovin' Blocks (Empty Clip) / 800 Wii Points ($8)
    Virtual Console
    • Final Soldier (Hudson, TurboGrafx16) / 700 Wii Points ($7)
    • Cho Aniki (Masaya, TurboGrafx16) / 900 Wii Points ($9)

All three games are now available for download. Read on for details.

Groovin' Blocks
Empty Clip Studios
1-2 players
Rated E for Everyone
800 Wii Points ($8)

A music-based game like no other, Groovin' Blocks adds innovative musical game play to an addictive action/puzzle game foundation. Play to the rhythm of the music to increase your score, and try to hit "Superbeats" to double your multiplier. Go for the high score in each of the 27 stages as you collect stars to unlock 15 levels of power-ups. Groovin' Blocks features three skill levels, from the accessible Casual to the fiendish Hard mode. Play with your friends in co-op mode or against them head-to-head. Head-to-head brings it up a notch as the power-ups now become attacks on your opponent. Play head-to-head with people of all skill levels using a golf-style handicapping system.

Final Solider
1 player
Rated E for Everyone
700 Wii Points ($7)

A vertically scrolling shooter from the well-known Soldier series. In the 23rd century, invaders from the future suddenly attack Earth. Controlling a fighter created by the world's scientists, you rise to meet the enemy. Collect power-up units, such as LASER, E-BEAM, FIRE and MISSILE, and then equip them in Options to launch a variety of attacks. For each of these weapons, you can freely select from three different types in SET-UP. Anticipate enemies' strikes and deftly switch between weapons to defeat the invaders. In addition to NORMAL GAME, there are also 2 MINUTE GAME and 5 MINUTE GAME score-attack modes. The most perfect blend and balance of any game in the series, Final Soldier is a title you don't want to miss.

Cho Aniki
TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM
1 player
Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older
900 Wii Points ($9)

The odd world in this shooter made for quite the conversation piece in its day. Players control either Idaten or Benten, celestial warriors out to bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the emperor of Planet Builder, who holds muscular prowess to be the supreme virtue of the universe. Aided by able-bodied muscle-head options Adon and Samson, they must battle to defeat the emperor's army across five stages. Use the buttons to fire away and lay into the Builder forces. Power up your character and options with protein from defeated enemies to have them "bulk up" with a yell, and take their macho battle to the next level.