Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Sep 08, 2008 4:03am PDT

We've been talking to Brad Wardell of Stardock and it seems like he's got saving PC gaming on the brain, among other things. It's a good talk, you should take a look. And here Lorne Lanning about the effect of Consoles on gaming. If that isn't enough, how about this Shack interview with Morgan Roarty of Maxis on the topic of Spore, now that it's released.

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  • Holy Warhammer Goodness Bamtan

    Tonight, I pulled together a Warband filled with 13 Shackers who were all in Tier 1 and we rolled out onto the fields of Northland and although it was a bit of a slideshow at times, we had a damn blast. On top of rolling countless idiots (read: 13 Shacker on single Order member gangbangs), we found some top secret door which we, being the brilliant sons of bitches that we are, thought could be opened by standing around on these little round things on the ground.

    Oh and yeah, we went swimming, captured a few points, and kicked ass.