Micro-Expansions For Sins of a Solar Empire

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 29, 2008 4:22am PDT

The Sins of a Solar Empire world will expand with several expansions during the next year, publisher Stardock announced today.

The first expansion is titled Entrenchment and will be available later this year for $9.95.Entrenchment will add a Starbase defense platform to each race--giving them armored bases with a variety of weapon, and upgrades that make them capable of defending an entire planet--along with turrent upgrades, mine fields and a "Subspace Inhibitor platform" which will slow down nearby enemy ships.

Other micro-expansions in development will add new diplomacy features, as well as additional technologies and ships. Development of all these expansions is being handled by series creator Ironclad Games.

The expansions will be available from the Sins of a Solar Empire website as well as through Stardock's Impulse digital distribution platform.

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  • I like this idea because Sins multiplayer is not that popular, and this will keep players coming back for more. By quickly releasing mini-expansions like this, Stardock can fix flaws in the game quickly. Defensive structures in definitely something this game lacks, and Entrenchment solves that. The way the game works is if your planets are being attacked, your options are to send you fleet back to the planet which can take forever...or split your fleet in half and have dozens of ship idle by key strategic planets, which feels wasteful.

    Apparently, the second mini-expansion will be focused on diplomacy, and the third on new techs. Diplomacy is at this point, a completely useless feature of the game, but one with a lot of potential. As for techs, hopefully this will diversify the races a little more. As of now, the differences are very subtle. They can at times, have a huge impact, but at other times, none at all.

    I'm a little disappointed to see that there is no word on a new race or story mode...but I guess that can wait until after this mini-expansion trilogy wraps up and they make a new expansion or inevitable sequel.