Contest: Monster Madness Wrapup

When life is frustrating, what is better than turning the tables on the so-called monsters haunting your existence? Well, the recently released Monster Madness: Grave Danger for PS3 takes that a bit literally to great effect by giving you a large array of weapons and tools to exterminate the things that go bump in the night.

We asked our readers to submit their favorite monster in exchange for a chance to win the game. Casually surveying Shackers, zombies are clearly the claimants to zeitgeist, but Cthulu, The Thing, Xenomorphs and undead as a whole also weigh heavily upon us, while "hatred," Jay Leno and others cover the tail, all meticulously pie graphed here. nope

After consultation with a darker power, we are proud to reveal the winners, chosen randomly from all the submissions:

  • Pneum0
  • Ziz
  • mordaken
  • WhiteHatVeteran
  • TheIneffableBob
We'll have Shackmessages out to the winners to get all the details hammered out. We want to thank everyone for participating along with publisher South Peak Interactive for providing copies of the game. Check back soon as the Shack continues to fulfill your propaganda needs!