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By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Aug 25, 2008 6:16am PDT

Welcome back everyone, let's get the week started. So what exactly goes down in the Morning Discussion, Evening Reading and such? Well they catch all the comments that aren't news article specific. We even mostly tend to talk about games, and moderators will try to highlight the best posts with informative tags to point out things like Homeworld 2 papercraft ships, the completion of the latest Shacker TeamFortress 2 tournament, Shacker-crafted Guild Wars panoramic backgrounds and even on site reports from Game Convention 08.

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  • Warhammer Open vs Core

    I've made 2 nice pictures to illustrate the difference between core and open servers since people still don't know WTF.

    Common to both types: Zones are broken down into 4 tiers, tiers 1-4 with the idea that tier 1 is level 1-10, tier 2 is lvls 11-20 etc. Players that are in tier 2 can't come back to tier 1 without being turned into a chicken in PvP (RvR) areas. THIS WAS BROKEN IN THE PREVIEW WEEKEND. So this supposedly makes it impossible for high levels to camp low level people. In both server types you only fight the opposing faction, ie. Order vs Destruction (Alliance vs Horde).

    Core: this is a map of the tier 1 Order zone Nordland. The red circle indicates the PvP area which is also the RvR area. Your realm gets bonuses when you pvp here. When you enter the RvR area you gain a pvp flag which you lose after a few mins when you leave the RvR area. Everywhere else is PvE land.

    Open: this is again a map of the tier 1 Order zone Nordland. The red area indicates the PvP area. Yes you can get killed when you're questing. Essentially your PvP flag is always on, but this is the tier 1 area, you're only fighting people within 9 levels of you. Why does this matter? Well when you move on to other maps you actually start questing in the same areas as the enemey side, think STV, you run into enemies a lot. The thing with the Tier level is that they won't be vastly higher level than you.

    I personally prefer open and played on pvp servers in WoW. I think it makes questing that much more fun when besides killing 10 bears, you also have to introduce that dirty elf to your new ork axe before you can turn in a quest. If they correctly implement the chicken thing then you won't have lvl 40s killing lvl 10s.