Tyranid Race Invades Dawn of War 2

After years of fan anticipation, developer Relic has finally delivered: the Tyranid race will make an appearance in the studio's upcoming RTS sequel Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

The announcement was accompanied by two screenshots (below) showing off the insect-like alien race. nope "For us, the Tyranids was a way to give the fans something they have been asking for ever since Dawn Of War," wrote the company on its website.

"It wasn't until we designed the Essence 2.0 Engine did we think that the Tyranids could be brought to the Dawn Of War universe they way that we felt we could do them justice and in the way that the fans deserve."

Dawn of War II is set for a PC release this coming spring. For more on the radically different sequel, check out our E3 preview.