3DMark Creators Unveil Zero-G Multiplayer FPS

3DMark benchmark tool creator Futuremark has announced its first full-fledged PC game, a gravity-free multiplayer first-person shooter known as Shattered Horizon. nope Pitting astronauts from the International Space Station against Moon miners, the game puts players in a debris-filled arena where they battle for supplies, and thus, survival. According to Futuremark, the title appeals to "everyone who has ever dreamed of going into space."

"In zero gravity the player is set free to play in new ways," explained lead designer Antti Summala. "Complete freedom of movement and unique level design create an experience that is at once familiar to anyone who loves the FPS style and yet strikingly different to any game they've played before."

Though founded by Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment, Futuremark remained focused on benchmark tools until it formed Futuremark Game Studios early this year.

In the press release, Futuremark re-iterated its previous promise to a game that will run on modest platforms despite using the latest technology. No release date was specified.