Crysis Warhead Ships Sept. 16, Crysis Wars Revealed

By Chris Faylor, Aug 13, 2008 7:27am PDT Crysis Warhead (PC) and its multiplayer mode Crysis Wars will ship to North American retailers on September 16 and head to European stores on September 12, publisher Electronic Arts announced today.

The second entry in Crytek's sci-fi shooter series, Warhead provides a new take on the events of the PC original and carries a $29.95 price tag. The standalone game is said to be Crytek's last PC exclusive due to issues with piracy and sales numbers.

"Fans of Crysis are going to enjoy more of the open-ended gameplay, cutting-edge visuals and huge, epic battles from the first game, while also finally finding out what kind of havoc Psycho was wreaking on the other side of the island," said Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

In addition to new singleplayer content, Warhead will pack an expanded multiplayer mode dubbed Crysis Wars. At present, Crysis Wars packs 3 modes, with Crytek forming a support team that EA claims is "dedicated to meeting the needs of the Crysis Wars community."

Included in Crysis Wars is the new TeamInstantAction mode along with the InstantAction and PowerStruggle modes from the original Crysis. A total of 21 maps ship with the game--6 of which are new for TeamInstantAction and InstantAction, while PowerStruggle gets 1 new map.

"We designed Warhead to be more accessible for gamers new to the Crysis franchise," explained Yerli. "It is a game with a story that can stand on its own, it has been optimized to run better on a wider range of PCs, and we are introducing Crysis Wars, a tailor-made experience for multiplayer gamers within the Crysis universe--all at a great value."

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  • The idea that piracy is an unsolvable problem on the PC really annoys me. So, Crytek realized that Crysis was being pirated far more than other games... but why? In my opinion, it was because people don't want to pay for a game that may not work on their system. Warhead is supposed to solve this problem (but I am not sure if it will). Sure, Crysis can run on a system with a x850... but not very well. People pirate games that they are unsure about... and most people weren't sure about it because it runs slowly on many systems. The better it can scale, the less piracy there will be. Furthermore, its steep technical requirements contributed to the low sales worldwide. Now, that doesn't ELIMINATE the problem of piracy, but many of the people who pirate the game wouldn't actually BUY the game if piracy wasn't an option, so you can't look at every pirated copy as I less sale.

    Anyways, piracy could be better addressed directly by distributing it primarily through steam. Maybe some people don't like steam, but it is still an option. I am going to get very angry if they make a console-exclusive... other than for the Wii, I think nearly all games should be multiplatform- PC, 360, and maybe PS3 (because that dev kit is HELLLLLLL!!!! HELLL I TELL YOU!!!).