Blizzard Responds to Diablo 3 Art Director Departure, New Art Lead 'Won't Impact the Game'

Blizzard has confirmed to Shacknews that Diablo III (PC) art director Brian Morrisroe has left the company, but stressed that his replacement does not signal any profound changes for the hack-and-slash sequel's art style. nope

"Regarding Brian, he recently resigned to form a startup technology company (outside the game industry), which is why we've posted about the open position," a Blizzard representative told Shacknews in an email correspondence.

"This change won't impact the game... we're really pleased with the look and feel that Brian helped create for Diablo III, and the new person we bring on board will work with the other artists on the team to maintain the art style moving forward."

The response affirms remarks made by the company following criticism of the title's new art style, which employs a brighter color palette as contrasted against the darker, desaturated tones of preceding Diablo games.

Reports that Blizzard was actively searching for a new art lead for Diablo III raised questions as to whether the company would consider making changes to the game's visual style.