Warhammer Online Ships September 18

Ready or not, Electronic Arts today announced that Mythic Entertainment's newest MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will launch September 18.

The publisher also announced that a monthly subscription will cost $14.99 USD, with slight discounts available when signing up for 3- ($41.97 / $13.99 per month) or 6 month ($77.94 / $12.99 per month) periods.


"The countdown has officially begun. Mark your calendars! September 18th is the Day of Reckoning," said Mythic founder Mark Jacobs. He added, "For the last three years, the entire team at Mythic has poured their hearts into making Warhammer Online the next great MMORPG. We are so excited to open up this world and share it with the fans that will live in it, quest in it, go to war in it and make it come alive."

Mythic recently announced it had cut several cities and player classes from the game out of quality concerns.