Capcom Blames Piracy for Poor DMC4 PC Sales

By Aaron Linde, Aug 01, 2008 8:00pm PDT Capcom corporate officer Christian Svensson revealed that the PC edition of the company's demon-slaying action title Devil May Cry 4 (PC, PS3, 360) saw poor sales since it debuted early last month, owing in some part to rampant piracy of the game.

"It's not doing as well as I would like in the US at retail," Svensson wrote on Capcom's official blog. "It's such a good version and it really deserves better sales. I know it's getting pirated to hell and back (it was up on torrents literally the day it shipped)."

The executive added that he had pushed for more prolific digital distribution of Devil May Cry 4's PC incarnation, but was stonewalled by Capcom Japan. Despite the frustration, Svennson reiterated his commitment to bringing more Capcom titles to digital distribution outlets.

"For the record all CEI-developed titles will be distributed extremely widely via digital channels... I've spent the last year building up that channel," Svennson stated, noting that GRIN's downloadable side-scroller Bionic Commando Rearmed (PC, PS3, 360) would see "broad digital distribution for PC."

"I have a presentation I'm making shortly that I'm hoping will make that approach something we do with all of our PC content, even those developed in Japan, but no promises. It might not happen," he added.

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  • I have nothing against transparent DRM - working like it's supposed to, and not hindering the people that buy their games. I am all for that, online activation and what all, but blaming piracy for poor sales is bit steep.

    Of course, some sales are lost, but considering that most of those people wouldn't even buy the game - it's much smaller step to pirate a game, than it's to buy a game. Crytek lost a lot of sales due their incapability to optimize their engine better, and stop that pre-release shit of it running with nothing but supercomputers - you are bound to lose sales with such an _arrogant_ approach. Then dropping support for non-functioning game, Crysis MP component - serverside, is still highly flawed. It will not be fixed. That is like taking a dump on the people that bought the game, me included. I don't have to take such attitude from anyone.

    Crysis Warhead can rot on shelves all I care - I am not buying it even as it comes with reduced price. Don't worry, I wouldn't waste my time on pirating such thing either. I will buy games that I like, and play those. Companies that threat their customers as customers, and not as wallets.

    You can go and claim piracy = lost sales route - that is as wrong statement as saying it has _no affect at all_. DMC4 isn't a game for PC platform to begin with - that comes down to knowing your market. Honestly, in the end, you need a good game, bit of innovation, that will sell. But your best bet is with good multiplayer component that needs cdkey check. Also, dismissing the fact that Blizzard and Valve have succeeded there is bit off the line also - they know their markets - and work towards that. Of course, not every developer can go that route, but still, if you make shit games - I bet people aren't willing to spend 60$ on such thing. It is a lot easier to sell "bad games" on consoles - that is a sad fact.

    The thing that happened with SiN:Emergence is sad, since I highly enjoyed that game. Bought it the first day it was available on Steam. The thing I hate on pirace the most, is that they consume the resources of the companies support - I can't even describe how low such behaviour is.

    Transparent and honest approach, respecting approach, towards customers. Most big companies don't listen to their consumers at all, and threat them like shit. Such behaviour doesn't strenghten the confidence customers have towards publishers - and going that route the developers. Arrogant approach doesn't help.

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