Mega Man 9 Could Lead to Other 8-Bit Revivals; Castlevania Producer 'Watching Very Closely'

Capcom's 8-bit downloadable revival Mega Man 9 (PS3, Wii, 360) could create new possibilities for developers if it proves a commercial success, Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi told Game|Life.

"I'm watching [Mega Man 9] very closely to see how it does," said Igarashi. "I'm a big retro gaming fan, so if it is successful that definitely opens up doors for what I can do." nope

Developed by ex-Capcom staffers at Japanese firm Inti Creates, Mega Man 9 made waves earlier this month when the title was revealed to be a stylized 8-bit endeavor making use of assets and gameplay conventions of the original NES Mega Man titles.

Mega Man 9 is developed from the ground-up as a downloadable title, and is the first game to be planned to hit all three platforms' respective digital storefronts.

While a North American Mega Man 9 launch date has yet to be announced, Capcom told Shacknews that it is aiming for a simultaneous release on all three platforms, with any possible discrepancies owed to differing certification processes and weekly release schedules of each online marketplace.

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