Nintendo Facing Controller Ban Due to Patent Suit, Anascape Still Owed $21 Million

Nintendo's request for a retrial in a recent patent infringement case by Anascape has been denied by U.S. District Judge Ron Clark.

In the initial ruling, Nintendo was found to have violated Anascape patents relating to analog sticks in its GameCube, WaveBird, and Wii Classic controllers, and was ordered to pay $21 million.

However, Nintendo is still appealing the overall ruling to the Federal Circuit court.

Anascape has since filed for a motion to stop retail sales of the above Nintendo controllers, with the order expected to go through today. If approved, that ban will be suspended while Nintendo appeals the case.

According to Bloomberg, Anascape claims Nintendo's controllers have "clogged the channel" that would allow it to begin selling controllers. Both Sony and Microsoft were named in the initial lawsuit, and both settled out-of-court for undisclosed sums in May.