Bungie Working on New Halo Game

Halo series developer Bungie is working on an entirely new entry in the franchise beyond its assistance with Ensemble Studios' RTS title Halo Wars and the nebulous Peter Jackson-helmed Halo game.

Microsoft VP Don Mattrick revealed the news while he was speaking with MTV News this week, clearly stating that the new Bungie project will come in addition to Halo Wars and the Peter Jackson effort, often referred to as Halo Chronicles.

Bungie had been teasing an E3 reveal of its latest title, but the unveiling was prevented by publisher Microsoft at the last minute. The studio had previously said it was working on a new Halo game, though it was unclear if that revelation suggested a new title or merely assistance with Halo Wars and Chronicles.

Following the release of Halo 3 last year, Bungie regained its independence from corporate owner Microsoft. The studio has since affirmed it will develop exclusively for the Xbox 360, and that it has a non-Halo prototype in development.