Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Supports Hard Drive Installs for All Xbox 360 Titles

By Aaron Linde, Jul 14, 2008 5:12pm PDT Microsoft has confirmed to Shacknews that the so-called play from hard drive feature available in the recently unveiled fall dashboard overhaul will support all currently available titles in addition to upcoming games.

"[The hard drive install feature] will allow you to install any game that you want. It's optional, of course," said Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten. "You can [install] any game that ever shipped, any game that will ship... every game."

As previously revealed earlier this afternoon, game installs will help reduce load times, but will require the disk to be present in the drive to prove ownership.

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  • Looking like the bastard child of the Wii and PS3 interface, neither of which I like, with a little iPod thrown in for good measure. I think it looks pretty nasty, to be honest. Too grey, cold and - despite the characters - characterless. The BG looks like the PS3 minus the wavey effect and the mii clones look fairly cheesy and annoying.

    I haven't watched the video footage of this stuff, but if it's customiseable and the colours can be britghened up a bit to feel warm and inviting like the current dash it might not be so bad. Honestly though, I hate the Wii menu as it's so stark and the background music is so nondescript and annoying I rarely want to spend much time there. Then again, I don't spend much time with the Wii these days :/

  • I'm not digging the new dash, but I wasn't a huge fan of the old one either, yet it was functional. But I must say the hard drive install feature is fantastic. Fixes two big problems with disc based games on the 360, load times and noise generation.

    Noise being my biggest problem when I had one. It forced me to wear headphones, but I ended up liking the sound from them so much I wear them all the time now. Improved load times is still A+

    If they plan on supporting the 360 for a few more years rather than dropping it when little brother comes along (see xbox) or inducing labor on the next gen early instead of producing a good, solid console that won't fucking fail all the time I may have to grab another one eventually!