EA to Publish id's RAGE

id Software today revealed that Electronic Arts will publish RAGE (PC, PS3, 360).

id's John Carmack appeared on stage to show id's support of the new publishing arrangement, noting that more RAGE details will be unveiled at QuakeCon later this month.

The agreement comes as part of the EA Partners initiative, under which EA helps publish and distribute titles for smaller, independent studios, such as Valve's The Orange Box and Harmonix's Rock Band.

"The RAGE publishing deal is the epitome of EA Partners' mission: Provide the world's best developers with access to the world's best publishing resources," explained EA Partners general manager David DeMartini.

"The team at id Software is one of the best development studios in the world. We're excited to work with id Software to give RAGE a blockbuster launch on the global stage."

A new trailer of RAGE was also shown, highlighting angry mutants and the sounds of brutal dismemberment.