Third Party Dev Unveils Xbox 360 Motion Controller

BOOM widget 118425 Hardware developer Motus Games today unveiled Darwin (pictured left), a motion-controlled Xbox 360 controller, on its official website.

Capable of breaking down into two parts, the controller makes use of a number of sensors to detect motion and relative movement without the use of an infrared receiver as utilized by the Wii Remote. According to Motus, the Darwin is presently being distributed to developers and publishers, and could be ready for market in less than a year.

The company's website includes several videos showing the controller in use with a handful of games, including Traveller's Tales' Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

The developer also commented on speculation as to whether the Darwin is the realization of the oft-rumored Xbox 360 motion controller believed to be developed by Microsoft.

"We're leaving it to the console-makers and publishers to announce whatever they want to announce," Motus chairman Satayan Mahajan told Kotaku. "There's a lot of rumor--some of it true, some of it not true."

"A few companies approached us and asked us to be an enabler for their motion technology... in a role like [Gyration's relationship with Nintendo]. Others have said, 'we want you to build something that looks like the Darwin controller.'"

Mahajan did not directly specify which companies or hardware manufacturers Motus is currently working with, or which titles are expected to include functionality the peripheral. He added that it may be a few months before official announcements are made.

Rumors of an official Xbox 360 motion controller have been circulating since earlier this year, with some reports identifying the peripheral as code-named "Newton."

If Microsoft or other developers are indeed planning an announcement surrounding the unveiling of Motus' Darwin, an official word will most likely materialize at next week's E3 Media and Business Summit.