Second Race Driver: GRID Patch Released

Codemasters has issued a new patch for Race Driver: GRID, updating the PC-DVD release of the game to version 1.2. Among other things the patch fixes issues related to starting and quitting the game, adds the ability to play more offline events online, and offers a toggle to turn assists on or off when creating a new online game

Version 1.2 changes:

* Fix for sessions list overflow and missing characters in front end.

* Fix for errors generated on game shutdown

* Support for TrackIR

* Online experience points: more points awarded for completing longer races

* Assists on/off toggle added to session creation and browsing

* All offline events (apart from head-to-heads and touge) are now available online (event voting screen now scrolls to see additional championships).

* Fix for failure to recognise some devices in user-created action map presets, including Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2.

* Fixed GRID startup issue where it appears as a process in Task Manager but fails to run.

* Additional experience points are awarded for not colliding with other cars whilst racing damage on or forward sessions.

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