New Mirror's Edge Details and Media Revealed

Fresh information and media from EA DICE's unique first-person action adventure title Mirror's Edge has been released following a recent Electronic Arts event.

Mirror's Edge puts players into the control of Faith, the parkour-skilled heroine who must fight against an oppressive government in a sterile, minimalist world.

Check out the new screenshots and animated story trailer, and be sure to read over the additional gameplay details below.


As detailed in our previous coverage of the game, the first-person, parkour-style action is managed by way of a simple context-sensitive control scheme. Pushing up on the controller allows Faith to jump over an obstacle, while pushing down will have her sliding underneath.

Further information on the game comes from psbeyond.com:

  • The single-player story mode is estimated at 10-12 hours in length.
  • Missions will not be based on free-roaming play, but each level will be non-linear, allowing for many possible paths and strategies.
  • Speed is emphasized over firepower. Heavier guns will weigh Faith down, and weapons are simply tossed away after they run out of ammo.
  • When Faith is wielding a weapon, she will be unable to use any of her usual close-combat moves, further burdening her.
  • Checkpoints will be placed throughout levels.
  • There will be no on-screen HUD. However, a simple reticle will be in place for aiming, as well as to prevent motion sickness.
  • Faith won't be able to take much punishment, but she will regenerate health over time.
  • A bullet-time style system called "Reaction Time" will slow things down in order for players to choose a path without losing momentum.
  • "Runner Vision" will allow players to quickly scan for possible pathways by way of bright colors.
  • Writer Rhianna Pratchett (Heavenly Sword, Overlord) penned the script.
  • Faith's parents were killed during a government protest. As a result, Faith grew up on the streets and became a Runner--a person who delivers messages for the underground.
  • The story revolves around Faith's quest to rescue her sister, who was framed for murder by the oppressive government.
  • There will be no traditional multiplayer component, but other modes of play will be included.

Check back next week as we bring you more information on Mirror's Edge from the show floor of E3.