Crytek CEO Estimates 20 PC Game Pirates for Every One Legitimate Buyer

By Aaron Linde, Jun 27, 2008 1:31pm PDT Crytek chief executive Cevat Yerli offered an assessment of piracy within the PC gaming industry, describing the market as "the most intensely pirated market ever."

"It's crazy how the ratio between sales to piracy is probably 1 to 15 to 1 to 20 right now," Yerli told IGN. "For one sale there are 15 to 20 pirates and pirate versions, and that's a big shame for the PC industry."

Yerli added that he hoped to see some change with the release of Crytek's upcoming shooter follow-up Crysis Warhead. When asked if the game would include anti-piracy measures similar to Electronic Arts' activation protocols in the PC edition of BioWare's Mass Effect, the CEO didn't directly specify but hinted at some new ideas.

"Effectively, if the game isn't an online game or multiplayer game—there are challenges regardless of what you do—the game can be cracked. The effort is to make it more difficult to crack, and certainly we're going to make it more difficult this time with Warhead."

Echoing previous reports that Crysis Warhead would be Crytek's last PC-exclusive title, Yerli added that rampant piracy may lead to "less and less games appearing on the PC, or less and less games pushing the boundaries of PC gaming."

"I think our message is if you're a PC gamer, and you really want to respect the platform, then you should stop pirating... We would only consider full PC exclusives—if the situation continues like this or gets worse—I think we would only consider PC exclusive titles that are either online or multiplayer and no more single-player."

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  • I think a great point here is that you CAN make a game that can resist pirates...its called splinter cell chaos theory. I tried getting that game forever when it came out, but i was never successful in my efforts. Why? They actually made a game with decent protection that didn't fuck you over even if you bought it. Granted there might be a crack now, but I don't really care anymore and the point is that I gave up trying to crack it because I didn't want to play it THAT bad...and that is also why I didn't buy the game.

    I also think that something everyone, including crytek, is forgetting is that Crysis was one of the FIRST titles to use directx 10. The thing about that is that most people who are casual gamers never figured out that even if you have a DX9 system you could still play crysis. I know a lot of people (casual gamers) that were saying "Shit, I can't play crysis cause I need to 1. upgrade my rig and 2. have vista to run it. Plus why would I want to play a game that was made for DX10 on DX9?" In fact, I was one of those people who was reluctant to play crysis because I couldn't play it in DX10 awesomeness...which really isn't that awesome.

    AND guess what? I still can't play ANYTHING in DX10.

    My thought is that crysis was ahead of its time hardware and OS wise...because we all know vista blows chunks. My other thought is something that no dev or gaming company wants to admit to. Why the fuck do I want to support an industry that partners with hardware companies to make me upgrade so I can play some game that may or may not be worth any part of my time?

    Crysis, in the end, was a game that made me say 'meh' when I was finished with it. It wasn't awful and it wasn't amazing. I say they should make a game that is amazing...then bitch about their shitty sales due to my internet connect.

    BTW, and most will agree with me on this, if I am not going to play a game online...I'm not going to pay for it. So those 'statistics' this guy references on COD4 are pretty much a crock of shit. I swear to you most of the people who bought that game didn't buy it for the single player experience. In fact, I downloaded it, played through the single player and then went out and bought it so I could play it online. If I felt the same about crysis I would have done the same thing.

    ALSO I don't pay for console games either. I trade with my friends who trade with their friends...and the beat goes on. OR I rent. So go ahead make your games for the next gens. You still won't get my money unless you make something worth playing online.