Mega Man 9 Coming to WiiWare

Scans of gaming magazine Nintendo Power have revealed that a new downloadable edition of Capcom's original Mega Man series is in the works for the Wii. The company has since confirmed the game's development to Joystiq.

Titled simply Mega Man 9, the game was unveiled in scans posted by fan site The Mega Man Community. According to the article, the WiiWare-bound game is crafted in a classic 8-bit graphical style similar to the first six Mega Man games on the NES. Music and cinematic cutscenes will be similarly stylized.

Transcriptions of the article go on to reveal that Mega Man 9 returns to the series' roots with plainly-named bosses such as Magma Man, Plug Man and Galaxy Man. Using the Wii Remote turned on its side, the title employs a basic control scheme with movement mapped to the Remote's digital pad, and two buttons for firing and jumping.

Development of Mega Man 9 is underway at Mega Man Zero (GBA) creators Inti Creates, a studio formed by ex-Capcom staffers in 1996.

Beyond the NES titles, the original Mega Man series also appeared on the SNES with Mega Man 7 in 1995, and Mega Man 8 on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1998. The original series gave rise to a total of six spinoffs and series offshoots including Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Legends.

A release date and price point were not directly specified, though WiiWare titles typically range anywhere from 500 to 1500 Wii Points ($5-15).