TF2 Pyro Achievement List Leaks

by Chris Faylor, Jun 17, 2008 7:41pm PDT
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Update: All the details on the Pyro class changes, including achievement and new weapons, are now available.

Original Story: The full details on Thursday's Team Fortress 2 update may not arrive until tomorrow, but a complete list of the 35 new Pyro-specific achievements has leaked along with their respective illustrations.

The images provide another look at the that blunderbuss and flare gun-esque unlockable weapon glimpsed in today's Meet the Sniper vignette.

While the exact requirements of the achievements remain unknown, the often amusing names give some hint as to their conditions. Our favorites include Dance Dance Immolation, OMGWTFBBQ, and Weenie Roast. You can see them all compiled by Jimbomcb or browse on through.

The complete achievement list can be found below.

  1. Arsonist

  2. Attention Getter

  3. Baptism by Fire

  4. BarbequeQ

  5. Burn Ward

  6. Camp Fire

  7. Clear Cutter

  8. Combined Fire

  9. Controlled Burn

  10. Cooking the Books

  11. Dance Dance Immolation

  12. Dead Heat

  13. Fire and Forget

  14. Fire Chief

  15. Firefighter

  16. Firewall

  17. Firewatch

  18. Freezer Burn

  19. Got a Light?

  20. Hot on Your Heels

  21. Hotshot

  22. Hot Potato

  23. I Fry

  24. Lumberjack

  25. Makin' Bacon

  26. Next of Kindling


  28. Pilot Light

  29. Plan B

  30. Pyromancer

  31. Pyrotechnics

  32. Second Degree Burn

  33. Spontaneous Combustion

  34. Trailblazer

  35. Weenie Roast

Thanks to Shacker James for the heads up.


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