Crysis Developer Pursuing PSP Development

When Far Cry and Crysis creator Crytek said it would not develop PC-only titles after Crysis Warhead (PC), it was assumed that the studio would pursue PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 efforts as its CryENGINE 2 technology is being ported to those systems.

Now, a job listing for the company's Budapest studio indicates that, in addition to consoles, the company is eying handheld development--specifically, the PSP.

Titled PSP Programmer, requirements include at least one year of experience on a PlayStation 2, PSP, or Nintendo DS game along with a willingness to relocate.

At present, Crytek Budapest is known to be working Crysis Warhead, which is due out this fall, along with a non-FPS title. The company also has at least one console title in the works at an unknown location, though a job listing for a PS3 programmer indicates that console development is taking place within Crytek's Frankfurt branch.