Guitar Hero DS, Hardware Bundle Arrives June 22

A hardware bundle containing a Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero: On Tour will be available at North American retailers when the game debuts on June 22, Nintendo has revealed. nope

At present, the bundle marks the only offering of the silver-black DS Lite in North America. No price was given, though the DS hardware is regularly priced at $129.99, with the Activision-published, Vicarious Visions-produced game selling at $49.99.

Controlled through a "Guitar Grip" add-on that plugs into the system's Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, Guitar Hero: On Tour has players strumming the touch screen in beat with over 25 songs.

For a look at the song list and more on the game, which only came about as the result of DS-related experiments, check out our enthusiastic hands-on preview and interview.