Guitar Hero: On Tour Trailer Offers How-to Advice

By Maarten Goldstein, May 28, 2008 1:44pm PDT

Wondering how you'll be rocking out with the Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero? This crazy video explains all. Guitar Hero: On Tour is expected late June.

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  • I know how we'll sell a portable Guitar Hero. What? Show someone playing guitar? No. Even better. We'll have a guy dressed in black SING along to the commercial, like the Miller Lite commercials, think "Great American Heroes". He will only sing, like, specific words and stuff. Like repeating stuff we just said "Some times you can't yell rock out!" Oh, and we'll have a kid who would have been cool in, like, the 80's with long hair and grungy, baggy clothes. And then we'll have a "your mom" joke, it will be great.

    Now, how to get the kid to not look super weirded out when this character pops out from behind him while he is playing with his DS.