Buku Sudoku, Warlords on Xbox Live Arcade Wed.

Microsoft has revealed that Merscom's Buku Sudoku and Stainless Games' classic revival Warlords will be available for purchase and download this Wednesday, May 28, via the Xbox 360's online Xbox Live Arcade. nope

Billed as "the first and only Sudoku game" on Xbox Live, Buku Sudoku includes more than 1,200 number-crunching puzzles along with multiplayer for four offline or eight online players. Carrying a price tag of 800 Microsoft Point ($10), the game also packs a competitive multiplayer that lets players affect an opponent's puzzle.

Essentially four-player Pong, Stainless Games' update of Atari's Warlords brings with it modern HD graphics and a "pixel-perfect copy of the original." In order to beat those three online, offline or AI opponents, you'll have to pony up 400 Microsoft Points ($5).