MGS 4 to Include Several 90-minute Cutscenes? (Update: Denied by GamePro)

Update: Game journalist Sid Shuman has stated that while MGS4 includes some lengthy cutscenes, none of those cinematics comes close to the 90-minute mark.

"I've completed the game twice, and am the author of the forthcoming [GamePro] review," Shuman told GamePro. "Some of the cut-scenes in the game are elaborate and occasionally lengthy. But not a one, to my recollection, even approaches 90 minutes."

Original Story Kojima Productions' tactical epic Metal Gear Solid 4 will feature multiple cutscenes that each approach the 90-minute mark when it is released on June 12, according to CVG.

The news apparently comes out of PSW magazine, which played through the lengthy game for review. The new issue hits store shelves today.

The mag also notes that the cutscenes can indeed be skipped or paused. However, if you were hoping to digest the final act of the Solid Snake saga in its entirety, you may want to stock up on popcorn.

In other snooze news, the game will apparently require a minimum installation of 4.5GB, according to the display copy.

Metal Gear Solid 4 hits the PlayStation 3 on June 12 worldwide.