PSP Keyboard Coming in Next 12 Months, TV Tuner Nixed for North America

Sony senior marketing manager John Koller has said that North American PSP owners can expect a keyboard peripheral for the PSP within the next 12 months, Gamasutra reports.

Koller added that the PSP keyboard—officially announced at this year's CES conference—would not be joined by the PSP TV Tuner in North America, citing an incompatibility with the over-the-air broadcasting infrastructure in the United States.

The executive went on to comment on possible implementations of the PSP GPS peripheral, which Koller says is coming to North America in the near future. He said that the device could make "mobile social communities" a reality for PSP owners, and bring the handheld into a more social space to reflect its broadening and diverse userbase.

"The expansion of PSP is going to continue," Koller added. "It's going to be a very big growth area."