Postal Film Scaled to Four-Screen Limited Release; Director Uwe Boll Issues Bonkers Response

By Aaron Linde, May 19, 2008 2:33pm PDT The release of the controversial film adaptation of Running With Scissors' Postal has been scaled back to a limited release in only four theaters nationwide as a result of boycotting theatrical distributors.

The film, which is slated to hit theaters next week, was originally planned for release in more than 1500 theaters across the United States. Owing to the flick's controversial and politically charged content—which features spoofs of 9/11 and Jewish culture, among other jokes—many distributors are refusing to carry the film.

In response to the limited release, director Uwe Boll (pictured above-left) issued the following colorful statement on the movie's official site:

To all of you writing now about me and the fact that POSTAL is not getting screens. its okay ..its fun kicking a guy nonstop who is on the ground

you are all not getting it that i'm the guy who made it against the big hollywood system and you are all only busy to destroy me and finish me up and then you YOU WON WHAT ? the attention of the studios, michael bay .. ????? if you damage me you feel closer to Hollywood ? what is your game plan?

The rest of the director's response follows.

you want only movies like JUMPER , SPEED RACER , WHAT HAPPENDS IN VEGAS ...? then keep going and your dreams will be fullfilled. POSTAL makes some very important points ..but you dont wanna see that .... : that Bush used the SEPTEMBER 11 to start a war against a country what had nothing to do with Bin Laden etc.... but this all doesnt matter because you are all busy to THINK that INDIANA JONES or NARNIA are important movies ... but in real they are empty shells of an industry what wants to make money and what wants to keep you looking "escape movies" with nothing in it. in between they are putting some CONTROVERSIAL movies to show that they can do also IMPORTANT movies ...but also this movies are not really critical....they only supporting the system and not showing the big picture. and POSTAL shows the BIG PICTURE nails the absurd situation with all the stupid religions, races and nations we are living in. POSTAL is not accepting bullshit politics. POSTAL has not the opinion that Bush made mistakes - POSTAL has the opinion that it is a scandal that BUSH is not in jail. What happened in America in the last 7 years is the biggest joke since Columbus stepped on that land.

but instead of seeing the courage i had in doing that movie against everybody who tried to stop me - you are sitting on your desks and you are working on stories about me ....and my image as the worst director on earth...and you fullfill what your editor wants from you in regards of uwe boll ...or you fullfill what you think makes you a cooler guy in the internet ...and you are not getting it that you are only interested in movies like IRON MAN or HULK or KUNG FU PANDA or the MUMMY 3 because the studios spending 60 mio. $ in advertising to make you interested in NON INTERESTING movies. how many times you wanna keep going in movies only because the TRAILER was so cool and the CGI was so great ?

thanks for reading this

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  • Dear Uwe,

    It sounds as though you are disappointed with the reception your latest masterpiece has received. I haven't seen it, and sadly won't be able to. Your work is kind of like radiation and I've had too much exposure already. But I'd still like to comfort you, you see, because I have a lot of respect for the little guy. Except for the 17 year old kid you beat up in that boxing match, that punk had it coming. I have respect for someone like you who goes up against all odds, after a long career of making terrible movies that would have ended anyone else's career, and makes a movie with subtle social commentary based on a video game most people thought was made solely to piss off Jack Thompson.

    Your story reminds me of Abraham Lincoln and after all your failures, time and time again, you're going to do something really great. Maybe not end slavery great... but something pretty damn good nevertheless. You're going to make a movie that doesn't suck. That's right. And do you know what that movie is going to be about? You. You're going to make a movie about Uwe Boll. About all the crazy shit you've gone through the make movies, refusing to bow to the giant movie conglomerates. That you kept on even after the critics slammed your movies because you weren't one of them. About all the idiotic internet nerd sheeple who were brainwashed by the media elite into heckling and harassing you. About your insightful movies that dared to push social boundaries and were banned for it. About your crazy publicity stunts, the coke, the groupies, suicide attempts, and hell, throw a car chase in there just for good measure. Because it doesn't have to be true, you're in Hollywood, and who really gives a damn about reality anyway? You're going to be hailed as a genius.

    Your muse,

    S1ing Blade

  • This man exploits the stupidity of human beings and the glaring flaws within the varying levels of media funding, trading, and representation for his own personal gain. He exposed Richard Kyanka as the weak and conceited human being that he is, in taking a publicity stunt and making it a completely one-sided display of his own arrogance. He knows his movies are terrible, but that really has nothing to do with his agenda. These things all point to one important fact. He's just a great example of the structural failings in numerous levels of the commercial structure placed around creative media. People should spend less time crying about him and more time learning from him.