LucasArts Bails Out of ESA, Will Still Attend E3

The Entertainment Software Association today confirmed that publisher LucasArts is no longer a member of the organization, Joystiq reports.

The company joins Activision and Vivendi as the latest company to break from the ESA, a group dedicated to the business and public affairs needs of game developers and publishers.

Unlike those companies—along with id Software, NCsoft and others—LucasArts will still be participating in the coming E3 Media and Business Summit this July, where it will showcase its upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed among other titles.

"We can confirm that LucasArts is no longer a member of the ESA," said LucasArts PR director Margaret Grohne. "As a company we are still committed to bringing consumers the best interactive experience possible and support the ESA's mission in the industry."

The ESA's statement on LucasArts' departure was similarly light on details. "We value each member of our association, but respect the unique factors that led to LucasArts' decision," said ESA communications VP Rich Taylor.