First Banjo Kazooie 360 Screens Leak (Updated)

Update: Eleven more screenshots have surfaced to accompany the original two.

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Original Story: Two supposed but rather legitimate-looking screenshots of Rare's upcoming Xbox 360 action-adventure title Banjo Kazooie began making rounds on the internet today. nope

Representing the first media of the game to arrive since its 2006 announcement trailer, the images provide an in-game glimpse of the first Banjo effort to hit a home console since the Nintendo 64 release of Banjo Tooie in 2000.

Rumors suggest the title, which is often referred to by series fans as Banjo Kazooie 3 or Banjo Threeie, will be compatible with the oft-rumored Wii Remote-esque Xbox 360 controller.

Given that Microsoft is set to show Banjo Kazooie at its Spring Showcase event on Tuesday, it is likely that these assets are from the media that is planned that day. Check back with Shacknews Tuesday for more on Banjo and the rest of Microsoft's 2008 lineup.