City of Heroes Devs to Forge Customizable Future

In a post celebrating the four year anniversary of the game, City of Heroes community manager Lighthouse has announced a new feature that will "very soon" have players creating their own storylines within the superhero MMO.

"Similar in concept to our character creator, [the new feature] allows you, the players, to create missions and story arcs for your characters and others to participate in," said NCSoft's Lighthouse. "You'll be able to pick the map, villain group, and objectives, as well as write the dialog and any clues needed for the missions."

The custom mission creator will also feature some type of community-based sharing and rating system.

"When you are satisfied with it, you can upload it and have other players across all servers play it and rate it," he added. "Fame will come to the players whose stories rate the best overall."

Original City of Heroes developer Cryptic Studios is currently working on a highly customizable superhero MMO titled Champions Online, set for release next spring.