Codemasters Acquires Sega Racing Studio

UK publisher Codemasters today revealed that it has purchased Sega's UK Racing Studio. Previous owner Sega recently announced its intent to close the studio, citing a mandate to ensure each branch remained profitable.

The sole game to be developed and released by Sega Racing Studio was Sega Rally Revo (PC, PS3, X360, PSP) in 2007. The acquisition provides the company with the opportunity to work on such well-received Codemasters racing franchises as Colin McRae and Race Driver.

"In seizing this opportunity, we have created additional resources to escalate our plans in the racing segment," stated Codemasters chief executive Rod Cousens. "We hope to welcome more than 40 people to the company.

"We have enjoyed the full co-operation of our friends at Sega in making this happen," he continued. "It is good business for Codemasters, an exciting prospect and there will be more to come as we are not content to stand still."