Battlefield: BC Tutorial Teaches Strategy

By Chris Faylor, Apr 25, 2008 2:10pm PDT Developer EA DICE has released another tutorial flick for the multiplayer component of its upcoming shooter Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3, X360).

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Battlefield: Bad Company arrives with its single-player campaign and Gold Rush multiplayer mode on June 23, with the series' traditional Conquest mode following as a free download.

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  • I'm finding one of the biggest annoyances on the beta is that once the geometry starts getting taken out, what remains are little 6 inch stumps of fences, walls etc sticking out of the ground. What happens then is your characters feet start getting stuck in those little pieces of geometry at the worst possible moment such as when your circle-strafing an opponent or something similar. I've literally flung my controller in frustration after it happened a half dozen times in one game.

    The only other issue I have is the speed in which you bring your weapon to bear after switching it for another or after reloading. Other than that its a pretty fun game.